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Neyyappam, as its name implies, is made using rice and ghee (clarified butter made from the milk of cow or buffalo) along with jaggery (a coarse dark brown-colored sugar made by the evaporation of palm tree sap) which imparts the sweetness. It is originally from the South Indian state of Kerala; however, it is pretty popular in the neighboring states as well as in Sri Lanka. The name ‘Neyyappam’ is derived from “Neyy” meaning ghee & “Appam” meaning pancake. This tasty snack always has a special place in important festivals and family functions in Kerala. Neyyappam is usually served as a great tea time snack, generally in the evenings. A few popular temples are also known to serve this snack as Prasadam (a dish that is a religious offering at places of worship). Neyyappam is quite easy to prepare and it just needs a few ingredients. Usually, banana is used in the preparation; however, if banana is not used, this snack can be stored up to one week in an airtight container. Baking soda is sometimes used to get the fluffiness. Traditionally, neyyappams are deep fried in ghee; however, today a majority of people have become health conscious, so oil is used largely in place of ghee (ghee is very high in calories). Those who haven’t tasted this wonderful South Indian snack as yet, it is time to spare some time, make some quick neyappams and delight your family members, from young to old. This yummy traditional Indian snack will soon become a favorite dish of everyone in the family.


  • Raw rice (പച്ചരി) – 1 Cup
  • All purpose flour (മൈദ) – ¼ Cup
  • Crushed Jaggery (ശര്ക്കര പൊടിച്ചത്) – ½ Cup
  • Ripe banana (പഴം / Palayamkodan) – 1 No
  • Cardamom powder (ഏലക്ക പൊടിച്ചത്) – ¼ Tea spoon
  • Dry ginger powder (ചുക്ക് പൊടിച്ചത്) – 1 Tea spoon (optional)
  • Black sesame seeds (എള്ള്) – 1 Tea Spoon (optional)
  • Thinly sliced coconut (തേങ്ങാക്കൊത്ത്) – 2 Table spoon (optional)
  • Ghee (നെയ്യ്) – 2 Table spoons
  • Cooking oil (എണ്ണ) – For deep frying
  • Salt (ഉപ്പ്) – 1 Pinch


  1. Wash and soak the rice in 3 cups of water for a minimum of 5 hours. (It is better to soak the rice overnight, ground it in the morning and prepare Neyyappam in the evening)
  2. Crush the jaggery and make syrup by boiling it with ½ cup water. Remove impurities by straining the syrup. Leave it aside and allow it to cool completely.
  3. Heat 1 table spoon of ghee in a pan. Put thinly sliced coconut and fry until it turns golden brown. Keep aside and let it cool completely.
  4. Drain the rice well and grind it by adding the jaggery syrup using a mixer grinder. (Do not add water)
  5. Peel the banana and mash it into a fine paste using a mixer grinder.
  6. Now prepare the batter for neyyappam. In a large mixing bowl, combine together the ground mix, all purpose flour, mashed banana, cardamom powder, dry ginger powder (optional), sesame seeds (optional), fried coconut bits (optional), ghee, and salt to form a semi thick batter (to the consistency of Idli batter). Add few table spoons of water if required.
  7. Keep the neyyappam batter for minimum 4-5 hours in a warm place for fermentation.
  8. Heat enough cooking oil in a deep bottom pan (preferably non-stick) for deep frying. When the oil is heated sufficiently, reduce the heat to medium.
  9. Drop a ladle full of batter into the hot oil. Deep fry the neyyappam by turning both sides until it turns golden brown in colour. Drain the excess oil onto paper towels.
  10. Repeat the previous step to make more neyyappams.


1) Do not use the roasted rice flour available in the market.
2) If you want to speed up the fermentation process and more fluffiness, add ¼ tea spoon of baking soda to the batter.
3) Each time you take the batter from the bowl to prepare neyyappam, stir it well.


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8 comments on “Neyyappam

It looks delicious! I’m going to try this recipe in the weekend. Thank you very much Shaan.

With the same recipe can I make unniyappam also? Looks yummy. Post more nadan palaharngal.

    Appu, It is slightly different. I will try to post the recipe soon.

Hi dear friend, Thank you so much for sending me the delivious recipe, my favourite Neyyappam. I also like to cook as like u. Have a good day.

    Saju, Glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback.

Mr. Shaan, Wau, it looks delicious. May want to do this weekend for my hubby and daughters. Can I replace the jaggery with normal white sugar? Thank you.

    Malathi, Thanks for the comment. I haven’t tried it with sugar, please let me know your feedback if you happen to try it.

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