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Chemmeen Theeyal

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Chemmeen Theeyal (Prawns Theeyal)

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Konju / Chemmeen Theeyal is a prawns preparation with roasted coconut gravy. It is a good accompaniment with rice. So here is the authentic way to make prawns theeyal. Hope you will enjoy it.


  • Shelled & deveined Prawns / Shrimp (ചെമ്മീന്‍ വൃത്തിയാക്കിയത്) – 200 gm
  • Grated coconut (തേങ്ങ ചിരണ്ടിയത്) – 2 Cups
  • Shallot (ചെറിയ ഉള്ളി) – 20 Nos
  • Garlic (വെളുത്തുള്ളി) – 5 Cloves
  • Ginger (ഇഞ്ചി) – 1 Inch piece
  • Curry leaves (കറിവേപ്പില) – 2 Sprigs
  • Chilli powder (മുളകുപൊടി) – 3 Tea spoon
  • Coriander powder (മല്ലിപ്പൊടി) – 2 Tea spoon
  • Turmeric powder (മഞ്ഞള്‍പൊടി) – 1 Pinch
  • Tamarind (പുളി) – Gooseberry (നെല്ലിക്ക) sized ball
  • Tomato (തക്കാളി) – 1 No
  • Mustard seeds (കടുക്) – ½ Tea Spoon
  • Coconut Oil (വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ) – 2 Table Spoon
  • Salt (ഉപ്പ്) – To taste


  1. Wash the prawns and keep aside.
  2. Chop ginger, garlic, shallots and tomato.
  3. Heat 1 table spoon of coconut oil in cooking pan and put grated coconut, ginger, garlic, half of the chopped shallots and curry leaves (1 sprig). Stir continuously in a medium flame.
  4. When it becomes golden brown, turn the flame to low. Put chilli and coriander powders into it and stir well for 2 minutes. Remove from the flame and let it cool.
  5. Grind the roasted coconut in a mixer grinder into a fine paste. (Do not add water initially).
  6. Dissolve tamarind in 2½ cup of water. Remove the seeds and any pieces that have not dissolved with the water.
  7. Cook prawns (about 10 minutes) in a covered vessel along with tamarind dissolved water, tomato, turmeric powder and salt. (When it starts boiling, turn the flame to low).
  8. When it is done, add the ground paste and combine it well. Taste for salt. Boil it for 1 minute and remove from the flame.
  9. Heat 1 table spoon of coconut oil in a cooking pan and put mustard seeds. When it splutters, to this add remaining shallots and curry leaves (1 sprig). Saute till golden brown. Add this to the prepared prawns theeyal.
  10. Chemmeen theeyal is ready for serving. Transfer to the serving dish.


1) Take care not to overcook prawns as it will get rubbery and tasteless.
2) You can also cook prawns in microwave oven (step 7).
3) If you don’t have tamarind, use kukum star (kudam puli) or raw mango as an alternative. But I recommend to use tamarind for this chemmeen theeyal.


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Author: Shaan Geo

According to me cooking is an equal-opportunity talent and I find that anybody can cook. It is not limited by the age, profession, caste, colour or creed of a person. What is needed is the love for cooking. For me the passion for cooking does not stop in the kitchen, when I travel, I continue to be inspired by eating in some of the best restaurants around the world.

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30 comments on “Chemmeen Theeyal

Hai Dear, It is very nice recipe along with rice. I tried it yesterday as per your instruction. It was very tasty. Thanks a lot. I have a suggestion that please clearly mention quantity of main ingredient will have to take.

    Hi Sanal, It is great to know that you like this recipe very much. It is already mentioned the quantity of Prawns as 250 gm (weight of cleaned prawns) under the ingredients list. Thank you very much trying this recipe and also for the feedback.

Hi Shaan… Good recipe…

I would like to know if I could use onions instead of shallots

Hi Shaan Geo, Very Good Recipe, because my son is too like prawns Theeyal. Thank you.

    You are welcome Vimla. It is pleasure to know that you all enjoyed it. Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback.

Hi Shaan… It is a very nice recipe. I tried it. It is very easy for preparation. Thank u so much Shan.

I like this chemmeen thiyyal recipe.

Hai Sir, ee recipe njan cheythu nokki. ente veettukarkk ithu orupad ishtappettu. thank u sir….

Adipoli anna, ugaran recipe!

Hi Shaan, I just find out your recipe, have a plan to cook for our Easter party. I have to cook for lot of people. For eg. if I cook with 1kg of prawns, do I have to X4 everything in your recipe.

    Shibi, The above mentioned quantity is for serving 6 people. If you want to serve it for 24 people you need to multiply the quantity of each ingredient by 4.

Hi Shaan, very good recipe.

Its the original Kerala recipe, I prepared it many times, but I get the correct taste with this ingredients…

    Raji, Thanks for trying this Chemmeen Theeyal recipe and also for sharing your feedback here.

First time here, authentic Kerala recipe… prepared it today.

    Shajitha, Thanks for the feedback. Hope you will try other recipes too. Happy cooking :)

Hi Shaan, Tomorrow we have a get together, one of my recipe is chemmeen theeyal, I’m sure everyone will enjoy. For kids prawns with some veggies in coconut milk…. Thanks Shaan for sharing authentic kerala recipe. God bless you!

    Rajani, Thank you very much for the comment. Happy to know that you choose this recipe for the gathering. Hope it will work out good for you. Please share your feedback.

Shaan thanks for sharing this authentic Kerala chemeen theeyal. I made it and it is yummy. Gud with chapatis also.

    Manju, Thanks for trying this recipe. Glad to know that you enjoyed it. Have fun in the kitchen :)

I tried it… It was really superb. Yummy. Thanks Shaan

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